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Who’s Who On Student Events?

ImageI’m Emily Mostow and I am an Entertainment Coordinator for Student Events.

That means that in addition to staffing all the lovely events put on by our other committees, which include such things as concerts, spirit weeks, Wake and Shakes, and Thirsty Thursdays, I get to help plan new events for campus several times each semester! This year, our events have included such attractions as glow in the dark volleyball, Georgetown cupcakes, an enormous ball pit in the SCC, and more!

When I’m not planning and staffing events, I am busy with classes, TAing for Adolescence, helping to plan my sister’s wedding, and watching How I Met Your Mother. I am double-majoring in Education Studies and Psychology with a minor in NEJS. When I graduate, I hope to move to Israel, teach, and eventually go into education policy.

So excited for the events coming up! College humor, then Bronstein week, then an awesome event I’m planning with the entertainment committee for April 26th, then Springfest?! #studentrunallaboutthefun


Who’s Who on Student Events?

Hello Fellow Brandesians!

My name is Nina Godles, and I am the Director of Finance for Student Events. I request money from F-Board and help oversee our budget throughout the semester! Before becoming the Director of Finance this year, I was on the Social Committee for two semesters. I helped to plan Brandeis’ semesterly spirit weeks, so I’ll always have a special place in my heart for Louis Louis and Bronstein! Still don’t know who Bronstein is? Check out the video I made a few years back and get excited for this year’s Bronstein week, April 8th-14th (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=im063MtkiLU)!


When I’m not doing Student Events, I can be found grading problem sets for Global Economics, practicing for my upcoming liquid latex debut, watching When Harry Met Sally for the millionth time, ordering Baan Thai or standing outside Sherman Dining Hall hoping to be guest mealed (hint hint, underclassmen). Last spring, I spent the semester in Sydney, Australia and completely fell in love. I’m always happy to strike up a conversation about kangaroos, holding koalas, the Great Barrier Reef (yes, I found Nemo!) or Summer Heights High. I’m dying to get back there one day (minus the 22 hour flight and the 14 hour time difference). Can’t wait to take everything I’ve learned into the real world next year, but I’ll always remember my time on Student Events and at Brandeis!

#rolldeisroll #smallschoolBIGspirit #partofthejury


Nina Godles (’13)

Who’s Who on Student Events?



Meet Rachel Starr!


Hey Brandeis, happy hump day! My name is Rachel Starr and I am an Entertainment Coordinator. Do you enjoy the novelty events/Film Series Student Events has? Part of the Entertainment Department baby. We are halfway done with midterm week numero uno which means February break is almost upon us. I am super excited to go home to New York. I have a dentist appoint on Tuesday so that’s always fun. I am sad I won’t get to see my horse for an entire week, though. Those that know me know Harley is a huge part of my life. This wouldn’t be a Rachel Starr blog post without a Harley shout-out. Love you boo (He’s my Valentine)! Speaking of Valentine’s Day, I will be giving out V-day lollipops tomorrow to demonstrate my ❤ for all you people. I am majoring in History/Business and minoring in English. I am extensively involved in orientation and am a part of the Orientation Core Committee for Fall 2013. I love to meet new people and am energetic like a puppy. I don’t believe in coffee, which means my pep is 100% natural. I joined Student Events last semester as an outlet for all my energy and creativity and I am not disappointed. Please come up to me and say hi! A great fact about me is I can hold a conversation about anything. Want to talk about something Student Events related? Even better. Since I know midterms are super stressful here is a song that always gets me hyped up!


(Warning: the background for the lyric video is a lil creepy)

Thanks for reading, friends! Rachel Starr (’15)

Who’s Who on Student Events?

Rachel Nelson ('13) and Reed Zukerman ('13)

Rachel Nelson (’13) and Reed Zukerman (’13)

Hi friends, strangers and enemies!

Welcome to the first SE staff member blog post! My name is Rachel Nelson, and I am the Executive Director of Student Events. Basically what that means is I oversee everything. YAY! I also plan as well as pick up the tab for every Thirsty Thursday, you’re welcome.

We are always looking for new and fun events so feel free to email me (rnelson@brandeis.edu) if you have suggestions! Things I can do: new ideas in general that are within a reasonable cost. Things I can’t do: bring Beyoncé to Springfest.

A little bit about me… I am a senior and a Business major with a Journalism minor. I am from Tampa, FL. Yes, I hate the cold weather. No, I don’t know your grandparents who live in Boca. When you see me around campus, I am most likely dressed for the wrong weather. I just don’t get it yet.

When I am not in class, dancing outside of Usdan or wearing a free t-shirt I am interning at Channel 7 News in Boston. I just started last month but I really enjoy it! I am learning a lot about different aspects of news, as well as how hard it is to work a 9-5 job. I just gotta have my daytime naps.

Random stuff – I really like to watch TV. My favorite shows include Scandal, Revenge, Smash and Modern Family. I also love One Direction. They are amazing. So is Beyoncé.

Speaking of, here is a clip for an upcoming movie I am excited about!


Thanks for reading! Email me if you have questions! (Let me save you one – I’m single.)


Rachel Nelson (’13)