Staff Journal

Get to know Student Events’ staff and read about the events from the staff member’s point of view!

Thirsty Thursday March 5th 2015

By Rachel Starr ’15, Executive Director

Thirsty Thursdays have been a HUGE success this year and as Executive Director, I am extremely pleased. Though I would like to take all the credit for this success, I have to say it was probably due to the fact that instead of 3:30pm-5:00pm, the popular event was moved to 9:30pm-11:00pm. I guess Brandeis students aren’t really into “Day Drinking” as the kids call it these days.
Sadly, this past Thirsty Thursday on March 5th, was my last one ever as ED and a staff member of Student Events. Though there was some kind of slip-up with plates the servers gave out (they were too big and took away lots o’ servings o’ food) the event went smoothly, as always. The cops even showed up at 11:00pm to help us close the event! No, this was not a Library Party Part 2 kind of scenario where the ‘Deis Crowd got too rowdy. The cops showed up just ‘cuz we wanted to make sure we ended the event on time.
All in all, planning Thirsty Thursdays were super duper easy (unlike the rest of my job as ED). It basically required me to email the Ever Fabulous Kim Callahan with the food and alcohol order– and I am convinced I have found the perfect ordering formula to be passed on to the next ED– and then just create a Facebook group. The name basically speaks for itself and students hardly need a push from us SE Staff-ers to attend.
I have found planning TT a rewarding and fun experience for staff members and students alike. Here’s to free food and alcohol– WOO!

Find Your Zen February 12th 2015

By Avery Finkel ’17, Entertainment Coordinator


As my first time being behind the scenes planning an event, I thought this one went incredibly well. It was difficult to get my footing at first, but luckily the Entertainment Department has a great director, Margot Grubert, who helped me a lot. I really enjoyed becoming more informed about the planning and effort involved in putting on a successful event. I’m looking forward to the next one!

Thirsty Thursday February 5th 2015

By Margot Grubert ’17, Entertainment Director


I never have quite as much fun staffing an event as I do staffing Thirsty Thursdays. There’s free food, tons of people, great music…What more could you ask for? This particular Thirsty Thursday I pushed through throngs of people to grab a plate of mozzarella sticks and sat down to observe the crowd. I don’t think I’ve ever seen more people in the Stein. The table for four to my left had at least ten people gathered around it, with everyone packed in tightly. Usually members of Student Events start out at one table, overseeing the Stein to make sure everything runs smoothly. Over time I made my way around the room, braving the crowds and grabbing a coveted table where I played cards with some friends who had popped by. Seeing as I’m under 21, hanging out at Thirsty Thursdays is especially fun because it’s almost like I’m at an all-ages bar. It’ll be cool to finally be legal next year and score one of those neon green wristbands. Until then, I’m happy with just my plate of mozzarella sticks!