Who’s Who on Student Events?!

Bulgaria’s greatest export: Stef Gospodinova


Concerts Department Director, music enthusiast, fashionista, teacher of America’s youth, and owner of numerous trendy scarves.

Three short years ago I stepped on the Brandeis campus, and I meant business.  Cashing checks, cracking necks, and making a name for myself.  I started at the bottom and worked all the way to the top.  Member of the 2012 Orientation Core Committee, Senior

Interviewer, Financial Services worker extraordinaire, and now the Concerts Department Director of Student Events. 

Timesflies?  Glad you like it!  Winter Concerts?  It’s going to be great!  Springfest?  Prepare to have your mind blown (figuratively, of course.  But if you want it to be literally, that’s cool too, we can figure something out)! 


A few interesting facts about me:

My two cents are worth four dollars and change.

I was once a campus celebrity on HerCampus, and the website got so much traffic that it crashed.

My favorite color isn’t on the visible light spectrum.

I once crashed my car into a rock…twice.

My ideal Christmas gift is an advent calendar and a CD of Christmas country music.

I once stepped on a bug accidentally.  It said, “Thank you.”


Keep it real, homies.