Who’s Who on Student Events?


My name is Mariella Tejada. I am lucky to say I am one of the Entertainment Coordinators on Student Events AKA the amazing people who bring you the Film series, free cotton candy, and make all your dreams come true! Back to talking about myself (heehee): I am an HSSP and Anthropology major (YAY PUBLIC HEALTH)!

If I’m not busy swimming in denial of all the work I need to do, I spend my time baking with my friends/roommates/soulmates. We go by the name of “The Slanted Kitchen” because we’re always cooking in the kitchen (and our house is slowly caving in on itself).  I am always reppin’ the Dominican Republic, the Yankees, and all that cable TV has to offer (LEGGO HBO AND SHOWTIME). I dream of spending a weekend with Flight of the Conchords, Jimmy Fallon, and my future husband Alexander Skarsgard (all at the same time; ooohhhh mamacita caliente). I also love cat (“Do you really love cat, Mariella, or are you just naming things?” #Anchorman).

If you see me speed walking through campus (it’s not my fault, I’m a New Yorker), please feel free to say hello! Keep a lookout for all the amazing things happening this semester, like LOUIS LOUIS WEEK!!!!

If you need to know one thing about me, remember:

I’m a good girl and I know it.

Mariella Tejada


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