Who’s Who on Student Events?

Hola Mi Gente (Hello My People),

My name is Dennis Hermida-Gonzalez, before you say anything, the answer is Yes, I am Hispanic and I speaky español. I am a Films and Entertainment Coordinator here on Student Events and a MKTYP Alum, I also have the distinct pleasure of being in one of the most respected organizations in this UNIVERSITY, yes I am talking about Boris’ Kitchen. If I am not making loud announcements through a Mega Phone that I don’t need or giving out Cotton Candy and Lovin’ it. You can totally find me being awesome in the Boris’ Kitchen OSS Show this Friday in the SCC Multipurpose Room at 8PM. I am also in love with Scandal and have a viewing party every week in my Suite!!! (SO COME!!!). If you see me around campus, I won’t judge you if you don’t make eye contact I’m usually pretty loud!! I love smiles and Hello’s so don’t be strangers. Before I sign, Keep a look out for Louis Louis Week coming at you soon and a Legendary Stressbuster is UPON US!!Image


Con Mucho Amor,

Dennis Gabriel Hermida-Gonzalez