Who’s Who on Student Events?

Hey Ho there Bdeis,

My name is Samantha Gordon, but call me Sam, and I am the Public Relations Director of Student Events. Basically that means facebook, twitter, this blog, and all other publicity related fields fall under me. And those Wake and Shakes? Us. The free stuff? PR! 

So a lil bout me is that I’m double majoring in Theater and Sociology (I’m one of the Sociology UDRs). If I’m not loitering around the SCC, you can find me as a Senior Interviewer in admissions, improving with Crowd Control Improv troupe, rehearsing for my theater thesis, or just running around from meeting to meeting. If you havent seen me for days, its probably because I’m in my room watching Breaking Bad or Say Yes to the Dress (…kidding). If you’ve never seen me before its because I was in the land of pasta and butter, Florence Italy, this whole last spring. 

If you see me around, feel free to stop me and bug me about student events, sociology, improv, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. I love people. AND I LOVE TALKING. So talk to me. You can talk to me at the FALL CONCERT on October 5th too if you want…

Peace, Love, and Student Events,