Who’s Who on Student Events?

Hey there, Brandeis!

My name is Elena Korn and I am the Entertainment Director of Student Events. This means that I am in charge of planning the Fall and Spring Film Series (remember Magic Mike?), Stressbusters (Cupcakes, heyoo), novelty events, and most importantly, YOLO! (I’ll explain that in a minute…)




Let’s get right down to it–I am an IGS major with a passion for arts and crafts. I love to dance, eat sushi, watch Game of Thrones (Mad Men and Arrested Development), and read detective fiction! I am usually singing very loudly softly, to myself and drawing majestic doodles on my Economics problem sets. I am a T.A. for Social Class and Social Change and I love love love it!

Lastly, I cordially invite you to the Great Lawn this Friday, April 26th for YOLO! Homemade grilled cheese, Lizzy’s ice cream and sorbet, velcro walls, henna tattooes, make your own T-shirts, an EXTREME JUMPER and so much more! Could this event be any cooler? 1pm-4pm: See You There!

I got love for you,

Elena Jen