Who’s Who on Student Events?

Oh hey Brandeis, 

My name is Maggie and I’m a sophomore Promotions/PR coordinator for Student Events. This is my very first semester on SE, and with Springfest right around the corner, I’m having such a blast! Learning Photoshop design and managing social media sites is just a taste of what we do…we’re also the ones responsible for the rockin’ merch you’re gonna get at Springfest: think magical! 

Gettin’ right into the nitty gritty details, I was also a Mid-Year! Honestly, it was the best experience of my life because for the very first semester fresh out of high school I lived and studied in Adelaide, South Australia. Traveling is incredible and so is Australia… the flag and stuffed koala/kangaroo in my room must certainly prove my love for the country/continent (I mean seriously, it’s both, how cool is that?!) I spent all of Winter Break back in Australia this past term. The people, the weather, the beaches. I mean it, go there.

What else can I tell you… I’m a texting fiend; a tea connoisseur; a proud Vermonter. I’m a Neuropsychology/Linguistics studier (believe me, I can’t call myself a real “major” just yet). I sell fragrances and various body products at Bath and Body Works–guys, we have an awesome mens section!!–and my room is always scented for the season. I can’t wait to see everyone this weekend and at many events to come.

Here’s a picture of me and a Husky puppy. 🙂