Who’s Who On Student Events?

Hey Campers!

My name is Mailinh Phan Nguyen and I’m one of the Social Events Coordinators on Student Events. Basically I help plan the two spirit weeks on campus (yes, there are two).  Be sure to check us out this week roller skating outside the SCC, voting for the next Mr. Brandeis, or running a 5k (with a BBQ on the great lawn afterwards)!

Not only do I help put on the two best weeks of the school year, I am often seen dancing my booty off during wake n’ shakes, staffing concerts, or getting thirsty at a Thirsty Thursday. I also help design some of the posters we have for our events. When I’m not doing something for Student Events (which is rare), I’m hanging out with my friends, frantically trying to finish all the things on my senior year bucket list, or watching every and all shows on tv. 

 Some random facts about me: I’m a senior, majoring in Art History. I’m from Orange County, CA. I am currently obsessed with Mad Men, Modern Family, Community (what up Childish Gambino), Harry Potter, orange juice and/or any sort of liquid containing caffeine, domino’s pizza, and the Lakers. Oh, and almost everyone I know is taller than me.

 Don’t forget to check out all our crazy events this week all in one little list here:https://www.facebook.com/events/222000637946596/?fref=ts or here: 

YAY for shameless plugs!

If you have some great ideas of things I need to do before I graduate/leave the east coast, holla at yo girl!

Stay smiling,

 Mailinh Phan Nguyen (’13)Image