Who’s Who on Student Events?

Hey Deis! My name is Rita Tobias, I am a Junior and I am one of the social coordinators on student events . What does that mean? Well, I am in charge of planning Brandeis’s Spirit ImageWeeks, Louis Louis in the Fall and BRONSTEIN which is happening RIGHT NOW AS WE SPEAK (I mean as you read?).

I am OBSESSED with Student Events, especially the social department and BRONSTEIN. This year our theme is Camp Bronstein so check out all the events happening on facebook. Some events include, Zumba on the Great Lawn, Roller Skating rink, Bar night at the Skellig AND SIX FLAGS (what?what?! i know.)
When I am not planning events for Student events you can usually find me dancing in the SCC, eating a bagel, laughing at a bad joke or obsessing over Jason Segel. But in all seriousness besides for SE, I am a Community Advisor (shout-out to my MIDYEARS!) and teach Zumba at Gosman 3 times a week (woot woot). 
Anyways, that is my Deis life in a nutshell. Oh, yeah I take classes too (whoops). I hope everyone enjoys Bronstein and this AWESOME WEATHER!
Happppppy Bronsteinnnnn
Rita Pita Senorita