Who’s Who on Student Events?

Hey Hey Brandeis! You can call me Deborah, Deb, Debz, D-to-the-orah… just DO NOT call me Debbie!


 I’m a Freshy First-Year here at Brandeis and hail from Long Island, New York (holla.) My job on Students events is a Public Relations Promotions Coordinator. So when you’re half asleep walking past Usdan, we arrange to have crazies throw coffee at you at 9am. Also, those cool mini sharpies and temporary tattoos you love! We do much of the behind the scenes work for our events, like creating posters, managing the social media, and this blog 😉

When I’m not wearing my cool red T-shirt you can find me in the upper green room pretending to study with the fencing team because I’m a huge fan of their work. Just kidding! I’m a saber fencer for our New England Championship winning team! I’m also involved in Tamid, C-store appreciation club, and am hard at work on my Starbucks Initiative©.

I absolutely can’t wait for Camp Bronstein April 8-14th. We have tons of amazing events, like Zumba, bar night at the Skellig (21+), a trip to 6 flags, and much more!!!

Anyway, if you want to learn more bbm me! No seriously, I have a blackberry.

 Have a wonderful Spring Break!

Peace. Love. Sprinkles. (It’s a PR Promotions thing.)