Who’s Who On Student Events?

ImageI’m Emily Mostow and I am an Entertainment Coordinator for Student Events.

That means that in addition to staffing all the lovely events put on by our other committees, which include such things as concerts, spirit weeks, Wake and Shakes, and Thirsty Thursdays, I get to help plan new events for campus several times each semester! This year, our events have included such attractions as glow in the dark volleyball, Georgetown cupcakes, an enormous ball pit in the SCC, and more!

When I’m not planning and staffing events, I am busy with classes, TAing for Adolescence, helping to plan my sister’s wedding, and watching How I Met Your Mother. I am double-majoring in Education Studies and Psychology with a minor in NEJS. When I graduate, I hope to move to Israel, teach, and eventually go into education policy.

So excited for the events coming up! College humor, then Bronstein week, then an awesome event I’m planning with the entertainment committee for April 26th, then Springfest?! #studentrunallaboutthefun