Who’s Who on Student Events?

Hello DEIS!

I’m Reed Zukerman and I am a Coordinator for the Social Department. This means I do all things spirit week- your favorite two weeks of the year, Louis Louis and Bronstein! During these weeks we bring you fun programming, food, and special events to get you out of your academic fog. 

A little more about me- I am a senior and am studying Business and Economics (it’s all about the money). I hope to make it big someday, in anyway that may be…I have been on staff for two years and have loved every minute of it. I love providing campus with social programming events to help brighten everyone’s day! Besides Student Events, I am involved in Waltham Group, Cooking Club, and Orientation here on campus. 

Anyway, back to Student Events: I am so excited for Camp Bronstein which is coming up in less than a month! We have worked so hard to make this week unbelievable and it is going to be tons of fun! I cannot wait to go to Six Flags- only $25 per ticket with free transportation is amazing! Hope to see everyone there!