Who’s Who on Student Events?

Hey Brandy! It’s your girl Nicole. I am a freshman first-year here at Brandeis and an Entertainment Coordinator for Student Events. We plan fun stuff like stressbusters with free cupcakes, film series, and other novelty events. I’m from the far away land of Newton, Massachusetts (go Pats!)

ImageI’m majoring in indecision with a side of theater arts and potentially something vaguely connected to the American Studies department. If you EVER need me to points you a bagel or a fruit cup you can find me exploring youtube doing work in the SCC. I am a die-hard Friday Night Lights fan and I am still searching for something to fill the void in my Thursday schedule now that 30 Rock is done. In the off chance that I’m not in the SCC, you might find me rehearsing for Brandeis’ most prestigious improv troupe, Crowd Control. Be on the look out for our upcoming stressbusters because chances are you’ll get to have fun and get free stuff. Stay strong through the rest of midterm season!

Clear Eyes. Full Hearts. Can’t Lose.