Who’s Who on Student Events?

Rachel Nelson ('13) and Reed Zukerman ('13)

Rachel Nelson (’13) and Reed Zukerman (’13)

Hi friends, strangers and enemies!

Welcome to the first SE staff member blog post! My name is Rachel Nelson, and I am the Executive Director of Student Events. Basically what that means is I oversee everything. YAY! I also plan as well as pick up the tab for every Thirsty Thursday, you’re welcome.

We are always looking for new and fun events so feel free to email me (rnelson@brandeis.edu) if you have suggestions! Things I can do: new ideas in general that are within a reasonable cost. Things I can’t do: bring Beyoncé to Springfest.

A little bit about me… I am a senior and a Business major with a Journalism minor. I am from Tampa, FL. Yes, I hate the cold weather. No, I don’t know your grandparents who live in Boca. When you see me around campus, I am most likely dressed for the wrong weather. I just don’t get it yet.

When I am not in class, dancing outside of Usdan or wearing a free t-shirt I am interning at Channel 7 News in Boston. I just started last month but I really enjoy it! I am learning a lot about different aspects of news, as well as how hard it is to work a 9-5 job. I just gotta have my daytime naps.

Random stuff – I really like to watch TV. My favorite shows include Scandal, Revenge, Smash and Modern Family. I also love One Direction. They are amazing. So is Beyoncé.

Speaking of, here is a clip for an upcoming movie I am excited about!


Thanks for reading! Email me if you have questions! (Let me save you one – I’m single.)


Rachel Nelson (’13)