Get Ready for Bronstein!

Welcome to the Ultimate Road Trip Brandeis!

In honor of one of our favorite professors back in the day, Student Events is bringing you the ultimate American Road Trip right on campus. Check out the following events and don’t forget to show your face because you don’t want to miss out on what’s coming.

Wednesday, March 28th

Bronstein Wake and Shake, 9:00 A.M.

We know you love them and we know Bronstein would love them, so what better way to start off Bronstein week than with your favorite kind of free stuff. You guessed it, we are bringing you coffee, donuts, and some awesome giveaways to make those morning classes seem like a breeze. Don’t forget to stop by Usdan Boulevard and grab some goodies!

Big Apple Comedy Night, 7-9 P.M.

In honors of the Big City, we are bringing you some of the coolest Boston comedians, Paul Mardizzi. If you’re skeptical check him out in this video.

Bar Night at Joe’s with Student Events, 10-1 A.M.

We know it’s a weekly favorite, so Student events is making it even better by bringing you some free booze, so long as you have that magical entrance fee that equals 21+.


Thursday, March 29th

Spring Baseball Training BBQ, 3 PM

It’s almost that time when windy Boston is starting to blossom. What better way to get excited than to head to Florida for some good baseball fun. We rack up some Brandeis spirit and do a tailgate with some music and lots of food to cheer on our baseball players.

Hole in One Mini Golf, 7-9 PM

Come out to Levin that same night for another Florida pastime with some indoor mini golf. Take some time to relax and do it right like the old school retirees down there in Florida.

Friday, March 30

Santa Monica Pier, 2-5 PM

From one sunny end of the country to another, we are bringing you some California dreamin’. On Friday afternoon, after a long week of classes what better places to be than the Santa Monica Pier brought to you on the Great Lawn. Come grab some  street food and buy some goodies from our favorite vendors.

Hollywood Movie Premiere, 8PM

Come watch our favorite Scientologist fighting bag guys for the fourth time in Mission Impossible 4. Check out this awesome trailer!

Saturday, March 31

Mardi Gras Masquerade, 10-2 AM

While Mardi Gras has passed, who doesn’t love to celebrate twice. Come get your beads and participate in the ultimate rave this semester with DJ Marcos. Best of all, there will be a beer garden keeping out going all night long!

Sunday, April 1

The Texas State Fair, 2-5 PM

This event is not joke! We know we probably have you exhausted by now but let’s show these admitted students how brandeis has fun even after a long weekend of parties! come out to Chapel’s field for a typical state fair with rides, food, contests, and lots and lots of giveaways.