About Us

Student Events is a student run organization at Brandeis, here to provide entertainment and fun events for the whole student body to enjoy!

We will inform you on all the Events, Concerts, Volunteer Opportunities, Giveaways, and other FUN stuff coming your way!!!!!

Email: brandeisse@gmail.com

Office: Shapiro Campus Center room 241


Executive Director: Rachel Starr ’15

Director of Public Relations: Brett Gossett ’16

Public Relations Coordinator: Dana Levine ’16

Public Relations Coordinator: Shoshana Feld ’17

Director of Social Events: Emily Mostow ’15

Social Events Coordinator: Ariel Katz ’15

Social Events Coordinator: Sara Levy ’17

Director of Films: Mariella Tejada ’15

Films Coordinator: Juliadele Male ’17

Director of Entertainment: Rachel Starr ’15

Entertainment Coordinator: Jill Martin ’15

Entertainment Coordinator: Avery Finkel ’17

Entertainment Coordinator: Margot Grubert ’17

Entertainment Coordinator: Jake Hurwitz ’16

Director of Concerts: Benji Bernstein ’15

Concerts Coordinator:  Riki Gross ’16

Concerts Coordinator: Naya Stevens ’16

Concerts Coordinator: Cecilie Gromada ’15

Director of Finance: Christian Romero ’17

Student Events is a secured organization that receives its funding from the Student Activities Fee as seen on tuition bills. All of Student Events’ events and programs are student initiated, planned, and run. The budget will be shown on this page as the preliminary budget for the Fall 2014 semester. Changes may be made for new events and in response to student input. If changes are made, this site will be updated.